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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

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HL2 Ranked #4 On Game Informer’s Greatest Video Game Openings of All Time


All Half-Life games have had some fairly memorable introductions. Half-Life 1’s intro was astounding even years after the game’s release, Opposing Force’s intro was action-packed and exciting, and while Blue Shift’s intro was nothing more than a redo of HL1’s opening, it was still cool to see new areas of Black Mesa.

Episode One’s intro was also memorable. Starting you off in a pile of rubble at the feet of the devastated Citadel, after watching a psychedelic vision sent to Gordon by the Vortigaunts. And who didn’t enjoy Episode Two’s intro? Starting you off in a broken train that’s about to crash to the ground?

But it’s Half-Life 2’s intro that is arguably, the greatest one of the bunch. The player is thrown 20 years into the future, in a dystopian Eastern European city dominated by an oppressive alien force. You literally have no idea what is going on.. well, unless you watched all the trailers and the screenshots and read the juicy info.