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Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Articles posted during Saturday November 20th 2010

Factum Solus: Episode Two – Trailer Released


Factum Solus is an episodic mod for Portal 1. Featuring a large story spanning across all episodes, and some awesome Portal 2-inspired puzzles, it’s easily one of the best Portal mods released thus far.

Episode One was released way back in August, and at last, we’ve got word of Episode Two!

News Roundup #15


I know, this is last week’s Roundup… again.

We had a motherlode of articles, including this Roundup, set to be released this week, but since I couldn’t reach anyone from the staff, they went delayed.

Call it LambdaGeneration time or something.

Pinky and I will put in crunch time, and hopefully today’s Roundup will be out at a reasonable time.