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Team Fortress 2 announces imminent MvM update; A Tale of Two Cities

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It’s been long since we’ve had a proper Team Fortress 2 update that have added something more than just hats and cosmetics (ignoring, of course, the Halloween events). But this is about to change.

Team Fortress 2 announces imminent MvM update; A Tale of Two Cities

For the Team Fortress 2 blog just announced a new update; The Tale of Two Cities! Following the tradition of revealing bits and pieces of information over the course of two-three days, the first of two new MvM maps have been revealed. The map in question, Mannhattan, seems to take place in, you guessed it, Manhattan, New York.

Also revealed is something called a Killstreak kit which you’ll receive for completing the “Tale of Two Cities” tour. It seems to be a tool which you can apply to your weapon; judging from the name of the tool, it’ll count your killstreaks with that specific weapon (don’t quote me on this though, this is just an assumption!). In addition, completing the tour grants you crafting parts you can use to craft even rarer Killstreak kits that’ll not only modify your weapon technically, but also visually (along with your character, too!)

Also, a second map is revealed: Snakewater! Popular among the competetive community, it has now been made an official map for all to enjoy.

Tweaks to MvM has been made, allowing you to refund all your upgrades once per mission if you manage to hit a money quota. The scoreboard will also display stats for the current mission, allowing you to see how much damage you’ve dealt, how much points you’ve earned helping your team, and so on. Quite interesting!

And finally, as always, there will be rare drops for when you complete a Tour on the new campaign; Golden weapons. Seemingly working similarly to the golden wrench, allowing you to turn every kill into golden statues (again, assumptions). Does this mean the value on Golden Wrenches from 2010 are dropping? Only time will tell as more information is revealed.

We’ll update the article once Day 2 has been revealed. For now, cheerios!

PS: The Saxxy Awards has enabled voting on videos; go throw in a vote or two!

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