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Steam Broadcasting Beta Released

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Looking for simplicity, and ease of use for streaming? You answer has (kind of) arrived! Within the latest Steam beta, you now have an option to watch and broadcast game streams.

Steam Broadcasting Beta Released

Somehow I could see this coming along with In-Home Streaming and due to Twitch’s buyout. Within the latest Steam beta, Valve has answered the call for a simple, unified, and very easy to use streaming option for players. No longer do players have to struggle with external programs and websites.

Players who have opted into the latest Steam Beta (if you haven’t already) now have an option to watch and broadcast game streams. To watch a friend, all it takes is a simple click within Steam to watch your friend “pwn them n00bs up” or maybe even give them tips.

Read More: Valve’s Steam broadcasting announcement page


By default when you are in a game, any of your friends will be able to view your stream. You can change that setting, and may more in the settings dialog:


Valve isn’t one to back down if they know something is more than likely to cause problems. In the case of consoles and locked down systems, Valve responded with SteamOS and the SteamBox, along with its own controller.

We may eventually see video recording like DVR functionality. As per the support article question, “Can I save my broadcast?” It states an answer of, “No, broadcasts are currently live only.”

Read More: Valve’s Steam support page about broadcasting

The question however, is whether this is yet another play like the SteamBox, or simply providing more features to the community.

What do you think about this broadcasting feature? Do you think it can really take off with Twitch around? Let’s hear you below!

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