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Portal 2 at GamesCom: Release Date Announced and New Wheatley Actor!

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From that video, you might have realized that Wheatley has a new voice! You also might have noticed we don’t know when Portal 2 is coming out. Summer? Fall? Not to fear. News time!

Portal 2 at GamesCom: Release Date Announced and New Wheatley Actor!

Originally voiced by Richard Lord from Valve as a placeholder, Valve has announced at GamesCom today, that he will now be voiced by Stephen Merchant, writer of The Office (US and UK), and actor in The Office (UK).

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant

They’ve also announced that Portal 2 will be released on February 9th, 2011.

Hooray! Can’t wait. Wheatley also sounds great. Maybe Lord sounded a bit more emotional, but I’m sure Steve will deliver a great performance.


  1. Sucks that you know everything about the game before it is released.

  2. Nice date, I like that, If Valve will release it in less than a month or two of a delay I’ll start believing that there would be an EP3 after-all.
    Also I liked the placeholder voiceactor a lot 🙁

  3. That is retarded, I want the old Wheatley voice back

    Can’t wait for Feb 9th though 😐

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