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Valve And EA Confirm Retail Distribution Agreement for Portal 2

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On the 22nd, Valve and EA confirmed a distribution agreement, which means that, as usual, EA will be publishing Portal 2 on retail channels, this time through its third-party publishing arm, EA Partners, which distributed APB and will distribute Respawn Entertainment’s games.

Valve And EA Confirm Retail Distribution Agreement for Portal 2

EA has been publishing Valve’s games at retail brick-and-mortar stores since 2007′s The Orange Box.

Doug Lombardi says the game will be backed by a “first-class launch campaign”, and that Portal 2 will represent “most innovative title in the company’s history.”

April 18th couldn’t come sooner enough.



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  1. What did Valve use to distribute retail before 2007? (Half Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source etc).

  2. Good news. I’m unable to buy games directly from Steam, so it’s nice to know that the retail version will be there for certain.

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