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The Friendly Fire Podcast

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It was just another day in the LambdaGeneration conference room…

The Friendly Fire Podcast

… a rainy day, to be precise, since part of the ceiling broke after Emild00d had fallen through, as part of his daring flight plan to sneak into our building using an umbrella.

It was the monthly “Let’s Blame Vic For The Theoretical Lack Of Material” conference, and so far, it was going good. I had managed to narrowly avoid getting fired three times. High five!

Unfortunately, a crowd was gathering outside, and immediately, my fellow staff owners said:

Do you hear that, Vic? It’s the sound of the angry rabble, that’s coming to get you if you don’t post more community articles.

So I shrugged and began to think up another witty line to avoid a quick termination of my employment… and my vital organs.

However, only two minutes of awkward silence (other than the sounds of rioting and the occasional petrol bomb smashing against the window) and I already had an idea!

I said: “Hey, guys! Remember when I wanted to do some articles on the more underrated Valve community podcasts!”, which got a good response from Alex: “Oy, oy, don’t you be pulling on the anatomical component of me body that is responsible for standing, walking, jumping, running, kicking, and similar activities, or I’ll have ya out of here in 3,4 seconds or less, bub chum mate!”

I once more shrugged, and decided to leave the conference unexpectedly, by jumping through the door.

The end.

Enough of that, let’s talk about Friendly Fire.

Friendly Fire is a TF2 podcast that originated from the “Control Point” podcast. Nowdays, it’s hosted by MintCondition and Jestr.

The podcast mainly focuses on the competitive aspects of TF2, but if you’re an Average Joe, then do not fret, you should love the podcast nonetheless.

They also have frequent guest stars, as most podcasts do. The primary hosts also got themselves some neat Community Items in TF2.

On a lighter note, we here at LambdaGeneration have none of the aforementioned aspects: competitive-level skill, occasional guest star status in podcasts, or Community Items; but as you might imagine, we’re too awesome to give a damn.

Anyways, give Friendly Fire a listen, gents!

Check it out here:

Also consider following ’em on Twitter:

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