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The DotA 2 Website is Online, Featuring a Q&A

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Oh, some interesting information on an upcoming Valve game?

Even if it’s DotA 2?

The DotA 2 Website is Online, Featuring a Q&A

The DotA 2 website is at last online, which is good, because it means you won’t be stuck searching the archives of “Game Site #427: We Get Lots of Valve Exclusives” to remember why exactly anyone cared about its announcement approximately one month ago.

In case you forgot, Valve has teamed up with IceFrog, the main developer of Defense of the Ancients (a Warcraft III mod that lots of people play, and that apparently is pretty fun to play, once you get over the fact those people seem to think that having played the mod for nearly a decade somehow means something, and that you are an evil, evil person who is one of those preppy hipster jock casual gamers who knows NOTHING ABOUT TRUE HARDCORE GAMING) or something, to create a sequel on the Source Engine. In case you didn’t get that really big paranthesis, DotA isn’t known for its kind community. Let’s hope Valve can rectify that.

Its official site is at last online!

Featuring a short introduction to the game, and a fairly lengthy Q&A article, we recommend that you take a look through, and keep this one in your bookmarks, in case you’re interested in DotA 2.


  1. yawn. The massive Valve fan boy inside of me is trying to get excited for this, but it isn’t going to happen. If they decided to revamp the gameplay, like for instance TF-TF2, I would be INCREDIBLY excited. But alas, they aren’t.

    btw this captcha wants me to do an ‘o’ with two dots over the top. Fucking serious ?

  2. Zzzz…

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