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TF2: Uber Update – Day 3, “World War Wednesday”

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And now we’ve got Day 3, or “World War Wednesday”, featuring The Soldier.

TF2: Uber Update – Day 3, “World War Wednesday”

And nothing but the Soldier. The blog post doesn’t feature any interesting information, apart from the fact that Valve appears to have stolen Tom Clancy’s mail. For Episode Three research, perhaps? But let’s head over to the update itself.

New in World War Wednesday are not one, but two Soldier weapon sets: “The General’s Formals” and the “Airborne Armaments”. We also spotted two new hats for the Soldier, one a black military helmet with some stars on it, and a green military cap with a set of goggles mounted on it. None of the new Uber Update hats have been named, so we have no idea what these are exactly.

The General’s Formulas features two new weapons: “The Mantreads”, which are boots designed for use in the secondary weapon slot, and “The Disciplinary Action”, which is a fancy riding crop for use in the melee slot.

The Airborne Armaments is the second weapon set, which includes “The Liberty Launcher”, an all-new rocket launcher for the Soldier, which is essentially a cross between the Direct Hit and the Black Box (and looks to be so overpowered it could be nerfed in just 24 hours after the update is released); “The Reserve Shooter”, a shotgun for use in the secondary weapon slot, and last but not least we have “The Market Gardener”, a military shovel that’s been bent forward in a very disturbing manner, although I suppose it brings us closer to getting the Soldier one of those fancy Chinese military shovels.

But that isn’t all for Day 3! Hidden inside World War Wednesday is a brand new weapon for the Pyro – the Detonator, a flare gun for use in the secondary weapon slot, which has finally brought the Pyro back to the days of the Incendiary Cannon from TF1 and TFC, by allowing the Pyro to detonate his flares mid-air, producing a small explosion. Yes, it’s not a full Pyro set, but “don’t worry, Pyro fans! We only left out the Engineer!”.

That’s all for World War Wednesday, Day 3 of the Uber Update. Though perhaps Valve has a final ace… or several final aces up their sleeve for a possible “Day 4”. We’ll see!

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