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Team Fortress 2 Update Brings “Festive Winter Crate”, New Paint Cans, and the TF2 Twitter Account

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Yesterday, Valve released a patch for TF2. This is what the changelog said:

  • Updated some files, for no reason whatsoever.


Team Fortress 2 Update Brings “Festive Winter Crate”, New Paint Cans, and the TF2 Twitter Account

6 new Paint Cans have been added, along with 4 new series of Crates… out of which one appears to be… festive.

These new Paint Cans cannot be purchased or found through drops. They can only be unboxed from a Series #9 Crate.

These new paints are: “A Color Similar to Slate”, which appears to be some kind of cross between blue and green; “Drably Olive”, which is well… olive, or in layman’s terms, what happens when green and yellow have kids; “Dark Salmon Injustice”, which is… what happens when pink and orange have kids; “The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime”, which is some sort of flamboyant green or something; “The Color of a Gentlemann’s Business Pants”, which is… tan; and “Pink as Hell”, because we all know pink is a hellish color.

Remember, these can only be obtained by opening a Series #9 Crate.

Speaking of Crates, 4 new Series of Crates have been added to the game.

Series #6 is the “Festive Winter Crate”, and this is what its description says:

This crate is unusually festive. Its contents are unknown and
normal keys don’t fit the lock.

You’d better hold on to it.
There’ll probably be a way to open it later.

This item will expire on Dec 31, 2010 (23:00:00).

As for its contents, we’ve got no idea.

There are also Series #7, Series #8 and Series #9. For more info on them, head over to the Official TF2 Wiki:

This can only mean one thing: a Christmas update.

And that’s the end of that. Let’s hope for more info on this impending festive update.

Also, just in case you didn’t know, TF2 now has its own Twitter account. Here it is:

That’s all for this beastly article. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Commenter AvatarI FAce Fuck KittensDecember 16th 2010 at 4:42am

    Ya, let’s hope valve isn’t trying to make another quick buck on some FESTIVE KEYS

  2. Valve be trollin’

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