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Steam Trading Out Of Beta, Now Available For All

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After roughly a month of public beta testing, the new Steam client has been released to all users, featuring a re-designed Friends window and Steam Trading.

Steam Trading Out Of Beta, Now Available For All

If you entered the public beta, then you probably already know what it’s like. If you don’t – for Friends, your status and name will now always be at the top of the window, in their own section. No more scrolling up just to change your name to “King Ghidorah” or something. You can also add your friends to little groups within the Friends window by tagging them.

As for Steam Trading, it’s all fairly straightforward – basically, it’s TF2 trading, but you don’t need to start up the game and you can trade Steam game gifts, as well as items from other games. Previously, during the beta, TF2 was the only featured game, but now, this has changed! You can now trade in-game items from SEGA’s Spiral Knights, and… Portal 2! In-game P2 trading is still reserved for the upcoming DLC update, but hey, Portal 2 item trading! Woo! And this is just the beginning – more games will feature item trading through Steam Trade. To celebrate, various items are now on sale in the TF2, Portal 2 and Spiral Knights in-game stores.

I don’t know why Valve is celebrating and having sales, since a large part of their staff is… well, just take a look:

Because when we say it felt like yesterday when we announced that, we mean we literally have no memory of anything from that blog post up until the entire TF2 team woke up in a tub filled with ice cubes this morning. We can’t pinpoint specifically which organs we’re missing, so we figure our best bet is just to play out the day and see if anything jumps out as different (no heartbeat, inability to go to the bathroom, missing circulatory system, etc.)

Maybe they should be asking for more money so they can pay for new organs. Hey, maybe they’ll unknowingly buy their own organs! That would be awesome!

If, however, you’ve gotten this far into this blog post and have no idea what we’re talking about because you woke up in an ice-filled tub this morning, and are wondering whether that queasy feeling you’re having means you “have an upset stomach” or “are liverless”, please get in touch with us, because we’d like to compare notes.

Well, it wasn’t ice-filled per se (the ice had already melted), and maybe that empty feeling in my ribcage is just Half-Life 2 going non-canon, but then again, I do have a giant cut on my chest (and it smells like Indonesian fish), so maybe I should get in touch with Valve. If I have any organs Robin Walker needs, will I be hired? Or will Valve steal my organs and leave me organ-less? Will they then erase my Steam account to silence me, leaving me both organ-less and hat-less? I don’t quite know, but I don’t trust Gabe’s knife collection. I think I’ll stay home, maybe mail them a spare kidney. Or two. No, sorry, just one.


  1. Who are #1, #4 and #5 (left to right) on the picture? I have never spotted their names.

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