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(Some Minor) Left 4 Dead News: Mac Support, Long-Awaited Updates, and More!

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As usual, the real news article with the Mutations and stuff, will come after the Roundup… which should be out now, but isn’t because our time table is even worse than it usually is.

(Some Minor) Left 4 Dead News: Mac Support, Long-Awaited Updates, and More!

L4D1 is finally on the Mac!

To celebrate, you’ve got a -50% sale on it, so it’s quite cheap.

Same with L4D2, in case anyone doesn’t have that yet.

A ton of fixes have also been added: stasis for Tank spawns, some friendly fire tweaks, and more.

In addition, at long last, a new community campaign has been added to Valve’s community campaign servers: “The Haunted Forest”. I have no idea what it is, but it sounds creepy. Except Pinky and I are immune to this stuff. I guess it’s… “forest-y”, then?

If you’re lucky enough to live in Seattle, then you can postpone your usual “sneak into Bellevue and stalk Valve HQ” sessions for something a bit more awesome: ZomBcon (or however it’s spelled). In case you have no idea who George Romero and Bruce Campbell are, and thus probably do not care for this event, then let me tell you an amusing fact: 4 folks from the L4D2 dev team will be there, and they will be hosting a panel on Sunday at around 12 PM or 1 PM, discussing the creation of the Charger and, you guessed it, Ellis. Get over there quick, cause they’ll also be handing out one-of-a-kind concept art and swag, to make you feel awesome and to make those around you develop disturbing jealousy-related mental disorders. What? Same thing happened with all those limited TF2 items!

That’s enough for this week, I suppose. See you in a bit, when we post up our true L4D News article.

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