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Too many rumors, and it’s time to cram all of em in one easily digestible nugget of rumors.


Rumor 1: Valve In Hollywood?

We’ve heard a rumor about Valve possibly renting or buying a Hollywood film stage or studio.

Could just be for commercials, but it could also be for… mooovieees?

Rumor 2: New Trademarks?

Purportedly, Valve has registered the trademarks “DOTA 1” and “DOTA 2”. We’re trying to get more info on this, but so far it’s just a rumor.

Rumor 3: Prospero?

Prospero has always been that product that Valve wanted to do, but never could. Some elements were put in HL1 and HL2, but the game itself has been a mystery.

Gabe once said in June 2006 he’d like to do it after TF2.

It’s recently been brought up in a PC Gamer interview.

Perhaps they’re interested in doing it? Who knows.

Rumor 4: They Hunger coming back?

Ever since Neil Manke got terribly ill, They Hunger: Lost Souls was put on hold.

Last word of it came in mid 2008.

Supposedly, their new biometric data experiments may be related to They Hunger, or a new horror game.

That’s just about all we got, folks.

Any scoops you got, send em over via PM on the forums.


  1. Hai guys,

  2. Maybe the biometrics are for the “return to scares” for half life. To make sure it is scary to most people.


  3. Neil Manke got ill? Damn I gotta do more research on the mods I love so much.

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