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Pre-Order Poker Night at the Inventory

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[λG] Pinky: We don’t have a post about Poker Night at the Inventory!
[λG] Vic: Poker Night?
[λG] Vic: And what might that be?
[λG] Pinky: The thing Telltale hinted at!
[λG] Vic: S**t
[λG] Vic: S**t
[λG] Vic: Uh
[λG] Pinky: Dibs
[λG] Vic: F**K
As you can see, we’re really on top of the news today.
Pre-Order Poker Night at the Inventory

Vic reported on this a few days ago, so I thought I’d do a little follow-up post.

Telltale teased us with the infamous image of the crime-quartet containing none other than Team Fortress 2’s Heavy, Penny Arcade’s Tycho Brahe, Homestar Runner’s Strongbad, and Sam & Max’s Max. The recent PAX announcement confirmed that these characters would be making their way into a licensed game, Poker Night at the Inventory.

The name definitely radiates the Telltale vibe and so does the art. Poker Night is currently categorized under the “Casual” and “Sports” genres in Steam, so perhaps it will actually be a poker game as opposed to a lighthearted adventure. Whatever it turns out to be, you can look for it on virtual shelves in the specific time frame of “Fall 2010”.

You can pre-order the game here for $5 (USD) and save a whole 50 cents (buy a gum ball or two!). It remains unannounced whether or not there are Team Fortress 2 hats involved, but we can assume that’s an affirmative.


  1. The great new game spent the whole night with us

  2. This site makes up for late posts in lulz.

  3. is it multiplayer online poker?

  4. Already did 😉

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