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Portal 2 Site Updated – Featuring Chell Redesign And A Teaser For A “Perfect Romantic Gift” [Updated]

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Valve has just unveiled their new design for the Portal 2 official site. Almost completely different from the original site which popped up back in March of 2010, this new design also features the “Portal 2 Official Blog”.

Portal 2 Site Updated – Featuring Chell Redesign And A Teaser For A “Perfect Romantic Gift” [Updated]

The first blog entry is titled “Portal your way into their hearts“:

In just seventy-two short hours it’ll be Valentine’s Day, and that means pressure: finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, for one, then figuring out the perfect romantic gift to give them.

We’re going to help you with the “perfect romantic gift” part Monday, but first things first: let’s bag you a Valentine!

Oh, I do wonder what this gift might be! I don’t think it’s Steam pre-orders for Portal 2, that would be preposterous! Oh, Valve, you always have us guessing… and guessing… and… guessing?

Update: Yes, it’s the Portal 2 pre-order! The countdown has been removed from Portal 2’s store page, system specs are being added, and apparently, “Portal 2” appeared in the clientregistry.blob file.

It also features some lovely DIY Valentine’s Day cards, just in case you forgot that was coming up. One features GLaDOS, one features the beloved Companion Cube, two feature the Sentry Turret, one features Wheatley, and one features Chell! No, not this Chell. This Chell.

Yes, it would appear Valve has redesigned Chell. Check out the Press page for a high-resolution render of what seems to be a confrontation between the new Chell and GLaDOS.

Not satisfied? Check out French gaming magazine “Canard PC”‘s February 2011 issue cover:

Click to see it up close.

The site also features a lot of media, though there isn’t any new media, not even the co-op screenshots we’ve seen flying around on various gaming sites recently.

There’s also a little listing for various places from which you can pre-order Portal 2. No new pre-order bonuses, as GameStop is still promising “Loader” skins, and various other sites are promising the same skins was showing off a week ago.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the EA Store is now accepting pre-orders for Portal 2. No pre-order bonuses are being promised, but they may add some in the future:

That’s just about all. We’ll be posting about anything important that pops up on there, so stay tuned.


  1. Part of me thinks that the gift is not the Steam preorders, because people of all consoles go to the Portal 2 site, and they would not benefit from that. I say it’s a demo (but I still think preorders go up Monday) since you could play that with your Valentine.I doubt they will put something up that could genuinely take the place of a Valentine’s day gift. We shall see tomorrow.

    • Interesting guess, but they seem to imply it’s a “gift” you’ll be giving to your Valentine. And you can’t really call a free demo a gift. Your Valentine would be all like “haha what”.

      • 1. I highly doubt whatever it is will actually be able to take the place of a gift, to be honest. They are likely just generating interest.

        2. I think she would not just laugh, but slap you in the face if you said the gift you bought her won’t be out for two months.

        3. How would Steam preorders be of interest to 360 and PS3 owners? More then just PC gamers go on the site.

  2. I DONT UNDERSTAND. Portal 2 will be released tomorrow?

  3. This Chell redesign = Epic Win.

  4. watch out people, this is for all the horny gamers out there 😀

  5. “If you pre-order the Portal 2 get 2 custom skins for co-op robot Atlas and P-body. Codes and instructions you get by. mail in the release.”
    From one of the preorder sites listed. Seems like both will be included in all preorders, unless they meant 1 for Atlas and one for Pbody, and not 2 for either.

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