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Portal 2: New GamesCom Footage

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Finally! This looks pretty awesome. After you.

Thanks to the Kapt’n for lettign me know.

Portal 2: New GamesCom Footage

More Wheatley footage, by the looks of it. Apparently there’s bouncing turrets. Haven’t watched it yet, so what do I know?


  1. Ummm, will there be an option to have the older Wheatley voice? I prefer it over the new one.

    • Sadly, I can’t see an option for two full voice casts. I preffered Lord’s voice as well, but surely Steve will do an amazing job. I mean this is just a short off-screen snippet.

      Perhaps we should all get Phillip to do a voice pack for Wheatley.

      • The new change to the wording of some sections as well as the tone in some of the words work together to make the new voice sound less lively. Less of an explorative ‘oh cool, no more being stuck on that rail’ to feeling more like a tutorial voice with some personality and a joke or two bundled in. Ah well, maybe I’m over thinking it.

  2. Great stuff right there!

  3. Sex

  4. It looks so good!!!

  5. Looks pretty amazing. Can’t wait.


  7. That’s genius.

  8. Stunning. A lot was stuff we’ve seen before but still interesting. The bouncing turrets appear because they are covered in repulsion gel.

    Great lighting at the beginning, looks like it’s really going to be something special.

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