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Portal 2 End Song Typography, And Other Renditions Of The Song

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In case you haven’t finished the game yet (it’s school exam season in quite a few countries, for example), then you might want to not watch this. Because it’s a typography of the entire end song. Major Spoiler.

Portal 2 End Song Typography, And Other Renditions Of The Song

This excellent typography was done by Scydow, one of our readers, based on “Want You Gone”, Portal 2’s end song.

As you can see, it’s pretty great! Some of the images didn’t really fit with what was being spoken, and it seemed to move a bit too slow, but it’s definitely one of the best typographies I’ve ever seen. Not that I am much of a typography critic, of course. Still, excellent work, Scydow!

Moving on to a cover of the song, Laura Shigihara, who performed “Zombies On Your Lawn”, from the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack, also did a cover of “Want You Gone”.

Great stuff! I couldn’t help but imagine a sunflower was singing it, though.

Jimmy Wong also did a cover, with actual instruments and stuff. Lots of them. And one stainless pot.

Quite awesome.

There’s quite a few more covers on YouTube, so take a look around.

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    The most beautiful =) <3

  2. Thanks so much for including mine :]
    Also really like the last one, big fan of Jimmy Wong!

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