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Poker Night at the Inventory Nearing Release! [Updated with Release Date]

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Update: Poker Night is now set for November 22nd! Thanks to Jeff for the tip.

In case you forgot, Telltale’s “Poker Night at the Inventory”, a poker game that features the Heavy among Max, Tycho and Strong Bad, is nearing release.

It will be out this month.

Poker Night at the Inventory Nearing Release! [Updated with Release Date]

However, Valve have something special for you… again.

Pre-ordering Poker Night will get you a Poker Visor within TF2.

That would be all fine and dandy, except…

There is faaaaar more!

When playing the game once it’s released, you will be able to unlock new TF2 items by beating the characters!

Beating the Heavy will get you his first ever minigun: “The Iron Curtain”.

Beating Tycho will get you the “Enthusiast’s Timepiece”, which can be used by the Spy.

Beating Sam will get you the “License to Maim”, his badge, wearable by all classes, and the beloved Lugermorph, Sam’s WW2 Luger pistol, useable by the Scout and the Engineer.

And beating Strong Bad will get you his glasses, which can be worn by the Demoman.

This is quite something, Valve!


  1. Release Date: November 22nd.

  2. Got mine pre-ordered!

  3. The faceposing went kinda wrong at 1:05 in the video, They should have done it on Source.

    • Hell no.

    • Why? The entire Tell Tale Team would then need to learn how to create games in the source engine. They would have to learn about animating in faceposer rather then just exporting all their stuff from 3dsmax into the game, not to mention all the work they would have to do just to build the poker game mechanics in source.

      • As far as I know learning faceposing on the Source engine is quite easy, especially with a Dev Team, And I’m pretty sure that building the poker mechanics for Source wouldn’t be much harder than building the poker mechanics for the original game.
        Anyway, Nice game, they only need to fix the animation on ‘Beat me three times’ and the game would be perfect then.

  4. I can’t get used to Heavy’s voice in the trailer…

  5. Tycho Brahe’s voice… YES!!!

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