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PlanetPhillip’s January 2011 Writing Competition – Winner Announced!

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PlanetPhillip’s first ever writing competition has just ended, and the winner is…

PlanetPhillip’s January 2011 Writing Competition – Winner Announced!

… Zekiran, with the delightful short story “Abandoned“!

There were 8 other entries, some of which were excellent as well! Even our good pal, Stratofarius entered! (with two stories, no less)

Entrants were tasked to:

…write a story of between 500 and 2500 words. The story must be set within the Half-Life universe from the day of the Black Mesa incident to the end of Episode Two.

You can check out all of these, along with a short introduction from Phillip, as well as his comments on each individual piece, in a nice little PDF document he’s hosting over at PlanetPhillip.

They’re great reads, so definitely check them out!

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