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PlanetPhillip’s “100 Days of Summer Nostalgia” – Bringing HL1 Mods Back In The Spotlight

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Most of us probably haven’t played a Half-Life 1 mod in a loooong while. Heh, some of us might not have played HL1 itself in a long while! But Phillip Marlowe, of PlanetPhillip, is giving us the opportunity to revisit all of the best HL1 maps and mods!

PlanetPhillip’s “100 Days of Summer Nostalgia” – Bringing HL1 Mods Back In The Spotlight

Starting the 1st of June, all the way through to the 8th of September, Phillip will be making updated posts on some of the older Half-Life 1 maps and mods. That’s one map/mod a day. The posts in question will be posted on the frontpage, but will be backdated to their original publication date.

In addition, Phillip is taking the opportunity to do something even more impressive: a giveaway… for the next Half-Life game!

In addition, the top 5 commenters who post the most proper reviews & Recommendations for each of the maps and mods will be entered into a draw to win the next Half-Life release. Yes, I know we don’t even know what it’s called (EP3 or HL3) but I have NO DOUBT it WILL be released, so feel comfortable offering this prize.

We’re talking real, substantial reviews here. Not just “is good mod yes!!!”.  Phillip will be evaluating all of the reviews and recommendations, so he’ll be deciding what goes and what doesn’t. He’s also thinking about doing a similar project next summer, assuming this one is successful.

So, why not? If you’ve got some review-writing skill, and some spare time, then you should definitely go for it. You get to play some of the greatest HL1 mods in the process, and you’ll get to play the next Half-Life game when it finally comes out (presumably the same time Halley’s Comet passes by again).

The next mod/map showcase is tomorrow, so get ready!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Just to clarify, it’s just the “best” maps but a wide selection, including pretty crappy ones!

  2. Oddly enough I wanted to spend my summer playing old Half-Life Mods.

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