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PlanetPhillip Reveals New “GravityGunVille” Mapping Competition

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Phillip is back with another one of his HL2: EP2 mapping competitions, but this one is sounding better than all of his previous ones!

PlanetPhillip Reveals New “GravityGunVille” Mapping Competition

The new competition is called “GravityGunVille”. It lasts until 11:59 PM GMT, on Monday, the 19th of September, so you’ve got a 50-day time limit that gives you plenty of time to develop and playtest your entry.

Previous competitions’ themes were criticised for being too restrictive. The judges created the theme this time and it’s much more open and flexible than some of the others. Your entry must use the gravity gun and be fun and exciting to play. It can be set in any environment you like, as long as it runs in EP2.

Your entry must be original and not have been released publically beforehand. Your entry will be released as part of the GravityGunVille mappack, which will consist of all maps entered into the competition. All levels will be properly credited in the mappack, but your entry must not be released publically before the mappack.

You may use the crowbar, and, if you so wish, another weapon, provided there is limited ammo for it. The map must have a proper name and filename (“insertmapnamehere_pp_gravitygunville.bsp”). The rest of the rules can be found here, at the project’s official webpage. There is a prize, of course. The maximum prize awarded will be $100, paid only via PayPal, but keep in mind that ultimately, the judges choose the winner and they decide how much the winner will receive.

Speaking of judges, there will be 3 professional level designers judging the competition this time around. Jason “GeneralVivi” Mojica is the brilliant modder behind Coretex Cluster and the still in development Chell’s Legend. He’s also a professional level designer at the esteemed Irrational Games, having previously done work at Raven Software on Singularity and Wolfenstein. We’ve also got Jason “KyoMaps” Gimba, who developed the memorable Sebastian, and the excellent Powerstation 17. He is also a professional level designer, currently employed by Snowblind Studios, having done work on Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon and Evil Dead: Regeneration in the past. And last, but not least is Magnar “MagnarJ” Jenssen, the man behind the recently released Whoopservatory, and the incredible Mission Improbable series. He’s currently working at Avalanche Studios, having worked for GRIN in the past, and he’s also done contract work for Valve on TF2 and CS:S. So you’ve got a great line-up of experienced judges who will be critiquing your work.

So, why not join the competition? You’ve got a good 50 days to get your entry finished, you’ll get honest, constructive criticism from three respected professional level designers, if you win, you’ll get a great money prize, and even if you lose, your work will be recognized in a great mappack! Maybe mapping’s not for you? Why not spread the word to the websites you frequent and to any mapper friends you know? You can find out more about the competition at PlanetPhillip’s official GravityGunVille webpage. You can leave feedback and ask questions at this blog post on the main site.

And for anyone who’s interested in PlanetPhillip, podcast episode 3 of the 100 Summer Days of Nostalgia podcast series has been released, and the event itself is still going!

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