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PlanetPhillip News: HalloweenVille Released, CrossbowVille Nearing End, And More

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Some more updates from PlanetPhillip. Even in the New Year, Phillip is still doing some tremendous work over at good old PP.

PlanetPhillip News: HalloweenVille Released, CrossbowVille Nearing End, And More

Just a quick heads-up: Phillip is actually doing a new mapping competition at the moment. It’s called CrossbowVille, and here is its official website. What are the rules this time? Well, your entry must use the crossbow. You may include other weapons, but ONLY if you really want to, and ONLY if they have limited ammo. Any location is allowed, and the map must run in HL2: Episode Two. There are some more rules, including an important one regarding the mandatory placement of one of CrossbowVille’s sponsors’ logos in your map, so check out the rules page. There’s also a handy FAQ section, so  you should take a look at that as well.

If you enter, your map will be included in the CrossbowVille mappack – but, of course, there are real prizes here. And they are:

This mapping competition is sponsored by Steam Contests and Tt eSPORTS.

First prize is a MEKA G1 keyboard and $50 cash paid ONLY via PayPal.

Second prize is a Black Element gaming mouse and $25 cash paid ONLY via PayPal.

Other prizes may be added at the discretion of the sponsors and Phillip.

Very, very nice. Sure, getting included in the mappack is a reward in itself, but look at these prizes! The competition ends on the 9th of January, so if you’re up for participating, then you’d best get a move on.

Phillip has also released a previous mappack – HalloweenVille. 5 entries (All Hallows’ Isle; Asylum; Cabin Fever; Dark Bad; Missing Person), all of them delightfully spooky. But only one of them was the spookiest of them all: Missing Person. Its creator, Justin, walked away with a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He is now in a mental asylum. I got lucky: I actually made it out of the asylum. What are you looking at me like that for? Hey, you can’t expect a guy who had to play Amnesia EVERY DAY for almost a week during the Potato Fools’ Day ARG to actually be sane, especially if you are considering the stuff I write. In any case, go download HalloweenVille. It’s been a while since I played a quality horror title, and this was a breath of fresh air. And quality. Wait, fresh quality? What?

Phillip is also doing a very unique kind of contest/giveaway. It’s called “When Will HL3 Be Released?”, and it challenges you to guess HL3’s release date, in 2012. The winner gets a free copy of Half-Life 3, when it’s released on the date he/she chose. One entry and one date only per person. Wanna be a part of it? I bet you do. Simply e-mail [email protected] with your Steam name, and your date of choice. You may just win. Who knows? Send in that e-mail as quickly as possible before all the good ones are taken.

And outside of competitions and projects, Phillip has been keeping himself busy with some interviews and podcasts. One with Ed Vincent, the creator of Random 17; as well as one with Jim Partridge, the creator of Daylight; and for his Hazardous Half-Quake Quatridual event, he did a text interview with Half-Quake creator Muddasheep and a retrospective podcast with Don, AKA Unq. And I won’t even get into his insightful weekly Poll Questions, or his interesting 7 Series of countdown editorials.


  1. Thanks for all the mentions.

    I’d like to say that readers should check the HL3 When page BEFORE sending an email, to check their date is still available.

  2. I didn’t enter but you can try my scary church map 😛

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