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PlanetPhillip Launches New Project For Mod Voice Actors

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So, you’d like to make a mod one day. But you’re not that good at level design or writing, you’d learn ancient Sumerian cuneiform before you’d stand a chance of learning coding, and you can’t do texturing or modelling. What can you do, then? Well, maybe you’ve got a voice of gold! Which means you could become a voice actor. But finding projects that need voice acting can be a challenge, because so many mods forget about voice acting, or leave it for the very final stages of development, assuming their mod will even make it that far. But finding a voice actor for your project can also be quite a challenge. Asking around can be tough because there isn’t really one particular place where you’ll find voice actors.

Just to underline the importance of good voice acting, I don’t think I need to remind anyone of Portal: Prelude, one of the more infamous Portal mods, where the voice acting was done entirely by low-quality text-to-speech synthesizers. The mod itself garnered mixed to negative reception, but the robotic voice acting was almost universally hated. But PlanetPhillip might have the solution to these voice acting problems.

PlanetPhillip Launches New Project For Mod Voice Actors

Phillip has just launched a new mini-project for his website. The project was created for both voice actors who wish to promote themselves, and modders who are searching for voice talent. It’s simple – the main page, which can be found here, has two lists for male and female voice actors. Voice actors can contact Phillip if they wish to join the list, from this Contact page, featuring an easy-to-use and non-intrusive contact form, although if you wish, you can contact Phillip directly, at his e-mail address (planetphillip [AT] gmail [DOT] com). Modders can browse through the voice actor list from this page here. And Phillip will e-mail you every six months, asking you if you wish to stay on the list or update your information.

If you’re new to voice acting, Phillip’s got a great advice section on the site just for you. There’s advice for your recording hardware, recording software, your recording environment, the way you’ll actually record your lines, and there’s also advice for modders, and the things a script writer should think about when writing dialogue.

At the moment, Phillip is the only available voice actor on there, but the project is brand new and the site isn’t even done, so let’s hope we’ll see more actors on there soon. If you’re interested in taking Phillip on board your project, you can find the actors’ page here, where there’s a bit of background and details on him and his voice work.

Overall, we’re very interested in the future of this project! If you’re interested in doing voice acting, or just in search of voice talent, then head over to the project’s main page.


  1. It’s a great initiative. I can see how this can help both modders and actors alike. Plus, acting in a huge popular mod would give you a great shiny boon in your portfolio.

  2. Hell, I’m signing up for this! 😀

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