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PlanetPhillip Announces New “” Site!

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Phillip has been quite busy with a ton of things lately, but this site is quite interesting!

PlanetPhillip Announces New “” Site!

Phillip is no stranger to mini-sites, especially since he’s got a lot of em in the works, but this one seems pretty damn awesome.

“” is a site that does exactly what it says: it contains (or will soon contain) every single update in TF2.

Not only is this great for archival purposes, but readers can comment on and rate these updates!

That means you can talk about that nerf on the Gunboats that you hated, or the new map they added in some patch, or another elitist Misc item.

Alright, alright. I’ll stop. And so should Pinky, who just threw a large pen at me when he saw me write that.

But seriously now, this is a great idea!

We strongly advise you to check it out!

Good luck to Phillip with the site, and enjoy it!

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