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Path of Freeman – Online Flash Game

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Path of Freeman. Hmm. Made by Vitaly Zaboro, Path of Freeman is a game that attempts to put HL2 in a Flash game setting, while attempting to parody it at the same time. I say “attempt”, because quite frankly it doesn’t do anything too well. More info after the jump.

Path of Freeman – Online Flash Game

The graphics and effects are actually quite advanced. Well, only the effects. The graphics leave much to be desired, but the physics are quite nice for a 2006 game.

The gameplay… meh. Not very fun and takes a LOT of mastering. Shooting and moving around is clunky, and some controls are delayed.

The music is nothing but 5 notes repeated over and over again. Sounds are quite good, actually, they are game sounds taken straight from the game files. Good sound quality on them.

The story and writing… it’s basically HL2, but with some humor. The humor’s basic (Gordon throws a suitcase at G-Man, and other random shit), and the writing is… absolutely silly. First of all, be warned: there’s Engrish throughout. Other than that… ugh. A giant sign saying “RESISTANCE HIDEOUT”, on a busy goddamn street? The “commander”, which is supposed to be Barney but is clearly NOT Barney, who tells you “WTF? Who are you? Go away, find resistance base, they will help you to defeat us”. Is it a joke? There’s also some other random stuff but I just can’t be arsed playing through it all over again just for that.

Path of Freeman is worth trying out, but don’t expect anything special. Take it for what it is. And a large vat of salt. You might like it, but you probably won’t.

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