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Opposing Force 2 – News Update and Upcoming Demo

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Who hasn’t heard of Opposing Force 2 by now? In development since late 2007, this ambitious mod seeks to continue Adrian Shephard’s story through the HL2 universe.

A larger media update originally set for the summer has finally been released, and it’s pretty impressive!

Let’s not forget that a playable demo is close to release!

Opposing Force 2 – News Update and Upcoming Demo

In this news update, the team show off the new Charger enemy. You might recognize the Charger from “Raising the Bar”, and from some unused files in Half-Life 1.

The model is quite detailed, and we can’t wait to face off against it.

Also featured are the new Phoenix Army Sentry Turret, the Combine’s mysterious C.L.R. rifle, and the… Vortex Gun? Funky name.

As for the demo? Well, it was originally set for November 21st, but now it has been delayed until some time in December. Yes, December, the lovely month when school ends, people get things for free, Christmas muzak gets played, and snow rains down from the sky.

It will feature several chapters: “The City”, “Wastelands”, “Deadlock Conflict”, and as an added treat, the now cut “Outlands” chapter. You’ll also find screenshots for these chapters in the update, as well as the song “Sniper Mission”, straight from the OF2 soundtrack.

Overall, the update is great, and we can’t wait for the demo!


  1. Great stuff. Ill be keeping a close eye on this mod!

  2. I’ve seen loads of mods named “Opposing Force 2” in moddb,
    Now I know which is the best one that I should watch.
    Really nice work, hope that the demo won’t get delayed anymore.

  3. Hell yeah!

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