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Oh My, I Wonder What This Means? – Garry’s Mod For The Mac Teased

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They say the best kind of teasers are the obvious ones.

Well, actually, I just made that up.


Oh My, I Wonder What This Means? – Garry’s Mod For The Mac Teased

Garry is teasing us all with this image, posted just a few hours ago:

23rd September? My, I wonder what that means?

Yep, Garry’s Mod is finally coming to the Mac.

Rejoice, Mac gamers.

Now you will be able to imagineer your own worlds!

And fill them with creepy Steve Jobs statues that sing backwards game themes!

Oh, sorry. That’s a different article.



  1. Hasn’t anyone else seen this:

  2. I hate how all the conversations on that page are just.
    “Macs suxs lol”
    “Windows if for douches rofl”

    They are computers,they both suck.

    • Yeh, I personally own an iMac and 3 PC’s but I like and hate different things about different ones. To summaries it:

      -Macs are well designed and great build quality, most PC’s are not.

      -Mac OS sucks for gaming, especially since no DirectX capabilities.

      -Windows makes some simple tasks hard to get done, Macs just work.

      -OSX’s file browsing/finder system doesn’t have the best workflow for coding or server systems.

      -Windows owns for gaming and has a better office use software.

      -Macs are NOT fully secure (just not as popular and is more locked down by Apples services), but they DO have more than one mouse button (silly old myth), they have 5 and the recent one has unlimited as it’s touch.

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