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News Roundup! #6 [Updated with new links!]

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Due to our delay in #5’s release, #6 is… a bit small.

Still, it’s got quite some info, and next week’s should be normal size.

News Roundup! #6 [Updated with new links!]

Valve: TAS – Episode 1 Released

I loved this one.

Great job, Jeff!

Greatest Game Villain: Round… 3?

Yes, it was Round 3.

Get over there and vote for Breen and KHAAAAAAAAAAN.

Left 4 Dead: Week 20!

We had Hard Eight.

We also had a “Favorite Survivor” poll.

This week’s mutation should be Developer’s Choice.

Happy Birthday to Alex!

Yep, it was our great leader Alex’s birthday!

It was a great day.

PC Gamer’s Valve Week!

Valve Week! Yaaaaay!

Steam Wallet Beta Launched

Hmm. This is an interesting idea.

Bonus Snippet: Gordon’s Quest

And, Finally…:

Things are slowly recovering here.

We’re slowly getting back on schedule.

We’re launching a NEW series of articles, called Ruuumoooors.

This one should stick around, but since rumors don’t grow on trees, don’t expect to see it every single week.

Pinky’s also working on a HUGE Mod News article which will put all the recent mod updates in one place.

Stay tuned for that one.

Thanks for reading!

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