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News Roundup #36

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Well, what do you know? It’s only been a few hours since Flamov started writing for the site, and he’s already serving my ass as the main course! In terms of writing, of course.

News Roundup #36

Let’s fight back.

PlanetPhillip: Blue Portals Mapping Competition Results Released, and More

Be sure to try it out!

Portal 2 – Various News


Valve Bridging Portal 1 and 2 With the Lab Rat Comic Book

Actually buying this thing from the Valve Store would be lovely.

Potato ARG Ramps Up

It has since ramped up several times over.

Portal 2 – Lab Rat Comic Part 1

Featuring a lovely little puzzle. Find the solution in the comments section.

And leave more crazy “potato” comments on the solution.

Portal 2 – Lab Rat Comic Part 2

That was quick.

Flamov is Here

At last, a helping hand!

GMod Pirates Caught Red Handed

Quite clever!

Operation Black Mesa – April Media Release

Loving the new HUD!

Brad Wardell: Half-Life development hampered by Steam


TF2 Players Raise $430,500 for Japanese Earthquake Relief

All thanks to hats!

Half-Life on the Master System

Erm… master game! For a master system!

Valve in Vindictus

The items are still available on the open market, so check them out.

Half-Life: Portal to Black Mesa – Trailer Released

Looks awesome!

Final Sequence

Sorry for the long slumber!

With Flamov here, we’re sure we’ll have a good schedule going for our articles.

Thanks for reading!

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