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News Roundup #27

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Even if I’ve been gone this past week, seems as though there’s still been plenty of stuff to write about!

News Roundup #27

L4D: January 28th Update

Nightmare was added as the new Mutation, and boy oh boy is it a hard one.

Steam Community Steam Cloud Screenshot Database

Man, is that a mouthful.

Podcast 17 To Interview The Beyond Black Mesa Team

Well, ironically the interview’s already over!

Keep your eye on the Podcast 17 website for a MP3 mirror of the interview.

Gaming Heads’ Soldier Statue

This marks the… fourth? Yes, fourth official statuette Gaming Heads has produced for Valve.

Oh, Exclusive Headcrab Zombie! How much I would love to hold you and stuff! But you are oh so overpriced, and here at LambdaGeneration, we don’t have any sociopathic fans who would jump at the opportunity to buy it for me.

Buy Rift, Get TF2 Items

And this time… they have stats of their own! And they will become available for crafting soon! Ooooooooooh.

Amazon Germany’s Portal 2 Pre-Order Exclusive Custom Bot Skins

The second pre-order offer featuring Custom Bot Skins that we’ve seen.

How many more are there to come? And what will Steam pre-orders include? Good questions, keep asking them.

Numerous Portal 2 Previews


I Hate Mountains – L4D1 v1.2 And L4D2 v1.0 Released

A good opportunity to replay the campaign!

The Return Of The Bonus Snippet

Final Sequence

Well, it’s time to say goodbye, as we are putting an end to yet another Roundup.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. Yay, the lil’ snippet haz returned!

  2. Thanks.
    BTW Incredible picture ;]

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