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News Roundup #22

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It’s been a busy news week.

So busy, in fact, that we have to go back into 2010 to get all them news.

Very dangerous operation.

News Roundup #22

The LambdaGeneration Christmas Advent Calendar Is Over

But it lives on.

The Snarkpit – Holiday Interviews (And YOU Are Wanted)

For all you aspiring level designers and map reviewers, here’s your chance to shine.

Operation: Lambda – Media Release 2

One of the most impressive-looking mods we’ve seen. Shame it won’t be out for a long while.

The “Half-Life 2: Update” Mod is now at Version 2.0

This one is highly recommended. Apart from a few silly things (the G-Man TV during Route Kanal is moved and you can’t see G-Man unless you run to the TV immediately), this mod is incredible. Truly a new way to experience HL2.

Portal 2 Boxart Revealed

Looks fancy.

The Citizen 2 Released

At last, a sequel to the 2007 classic.

Lambda Mini-Series – Episode 1 Released

While not as big-budget as some other fanfilms, it’s still a great little fanfilm.

Portal: Project Beta Released


Game Informer Hints At A Half-Life 3 Announcement During 2011


Happy New Year from LambdaGeneration!

And we hope it was a good one.

Phillip Marlowe Announces

It’s nestled safely in our Favorites. Or Bookmarks.

City 17: Episode One – Part One of the New Year Media Release

Looking… gooood.

And, Finally…:

It’s been a busy news week.

That concludes our Roundup. First Roundup of 2011.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the site in 2010.

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  1. Man… Phillip sure does launch a lot of sites…

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