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Lethal Stigma Public Beta Released

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This mod was really below my radar for a while; all the previous gameplay showed was a few crafty additions to the traditional Half-Life 2 Deathmatch experience. However, I can confidently say that Lethal Stigma is something worth checking out.

Lethal Stigma Public Beta Released

The beta includes Capture the Flag, Outbreak, Free For All, and Team Elimination gamemodes. Lethal Stigma also has a server-side upgrade system and there are various classes to play. The news post promises “A unique twist you won’t find in any other game.” We’ll just see if Agent Red offers something truly unique, or if it’s just press release talk.

The trailer shows off several new weapons to the Half-Life universe, including dual pistols. Dual Pistols. That alone is an excuse to download the mod, but there are also some maps and other stuff… Dual Pistols!

Videos & Audio – Lethal Stigma Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

The mod can be downloaded here, along with patch 0.1.2 here.

Their fantastic trailer music is here.

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