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Left 4 Dead News: Week… gah, even Valve gave up on this numbering system

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And now it’s just the “October 15th Update”.

Meeeeeh, sounds a bit dull.

You should spice that up a notch, something like “Totally, Superfluously, Extremely Awesome HUNTING PARTY Octo-goddamn-ber 15th, 2010 Anno Domini, motherf***ers Update”. Yeah, a vast improvement.

With my brilliant writing style, I’m sure we can bring update naming into the 21st and 1/2 century.

Left 4 Dead News: Week… gah, even Valve gave up on this numbering system

This week’s Mutation is “Hunting Party”.

No, it does not involve a massive party at Valve or LambdaGeneration HQ.

In this Campaign Mutation, you’re pitted against non-stop Hunters.

Good luck, gents.

In other news, The Sacrifice Comic has gone mobile!

The Sacrifice is now available on the iPhone and iPad.

How do you get it?
Go to the App store on your iphone/ipad.
Download the Comixology app (be sure to get the one that says “Comics” not “Pull List”)
Use the search engine to find Left 4 Dead.
Download for Free! When it is finished, go to bottom of the U.I. and you will find it in “my comics”.


Valve’s also got a ZIP file on the Comic’s Extras page containing all the panels of the comic, only with all of the words and SFX removed. That way, you can imagineer your own Left 4 Dead story, or…

…make Zoey say all those things you’ve been hoping she would.


This week’s poll is “Did you win?” and it’s a brain teaser. I think.

You get to the end of the Sacrifice. You and three friends are on the bridge and someone needs to jump down. You offer to do it yourself, so you jump down, restart the generator and save the team.

Do you consider that you won the Campaign or did you just sacrifice yourself so your team won?

Up next week is “Lone Gunman”. I’d imagine it has no relation with that X-Files spinoff that supposedly predicted 9/11. Though you really can’t know what Valve’s up to these days.

See ya next week, folks!

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