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Left 4 Dead News: Week 24… or lack thereof

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No Mutations, and I think, no featured custom campaigns.

We’ve got some other treats, however.

Left 4 Dead News: Week 24… or lack thereof

The Midnight Riders Video Contest is over.

We wished we could have covered it ourselves, and I tried, but the sheer number of entries overwhelmed us.

No Mutations or anything like that this week, instead, Valve are launching the Sacrifice page on

Here’s the link:

Valve have a short description of The Sacrifice.

Under that you’ve got 5 achievements:

“Supreme Sacrifice” – complete The Sacrifice

“Kill Bill” – have Bill die

“Chaos Generator” – have all 3 generators running at once in the finale, 3 tanks pictured

“Sacrifizzle” – as a SI, incap a Survivor who is trying to sacrifice him/herself

“Barrel Rolled” – kill a SI with an exploding barrel

Yay! Exploding barrels!

They’re also talking about the new Mutations, which will ONLY be featured on the L4D2 version.

PC and Mac players get all 5 new Mutations for free, as usual.

Since Mutations are only featured in “The Passing”, Xbox 360 players will need to first buy “The Passing” to play the 5 new Mutations, if they haven’t already.

They’re only talking about one new Mutation, called “Taaannnk!!”.

“Taaannnk!!” is a Versus Mutation, in which all 4 Special Infected players are Tanks. Constantly.

That means you will constantly be fighting 4 Tanks.

In case you didn’t get that, because my writing style is inferior to Valve’s or something (you will pay for this insult, grr):

We don’t want to give away all 5 of the new Mutations, but we will give you a bit on one. Do you ever play Versus and wish you could be the Tank? Did you ever wish you could be nothing but the Tank? And when you died you spawned as the Tank? And all your friends were Tanks as well? The new Mutation Taaannnk!! is a little like that. And by a little, we mean exactly like that.


They’ve also announced the release date for L4D2 on the Mac: surprise, surprise, October 5th.

Left 4 Dead 2 will be released on the Mac Tuesday October 5th. If you already own it on the PC, then you own it on the Mac. All you need to do is install it on your Mac and start playing.
If you don’t already own it, now is a great time to pick it up. Not only do you get Left 4 Dead 2 but steam owners get all the previously released DLC for free! So you get the original 5 Campaigns and “The Passing”, “The Sacrifice” and “No Mercy.” Best of all, there is already a thriving community and excellent community created campaigns waiting for you.

Sorry Left 4 Dead owners, the Mac version is coming but we are running a little late. We hope to have it out in time to celebrate Halloween on the Mac. When released, L4D1 Mac players will receive the same great treatment. All the previous released updates and DLC for free and the ability to play an extensive library of community content. More information on the release date as it nears.


Tuesday’s surprise was delayed to Wednesday, for no apparent reason.

The big surprise today is… there is no surprise and no that isn’t one of Gabe’s three surprises. We have moved today’s surprise to Wednesday. We moved the announcement of the Midnight Rider’s contest winners to today. For tomorrow, we have enlisted an old friend to help with that announcement.

I have no idea what’s going on in Bellevue, but someone needs to go down there and make sure Valve is alright and stuff.

And I see what you did there, Chet (or whoever writes these things). Oh, I see what you did there.

Gabe’s surprises, eh? Interesting.

Buuuut… Midnight Rider contest results!

Yeeaaah! Now we can see who got that guitar we really don’t care about!

Apparently there’s TWO guitars now, cause there’s two winners.

Who gets which guitar? Not even LambdaGeneration knows.

Apparently, one’s better than the other or something.

Here they are, in Valve’s exact order:

Now we get Valve’s thinking. The first one is definitely the best, since it has a… well, a woman in… screw this, it has a hot lady.

Good call there, Valve. Good call.

Here’s the Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mentions:

Ballad of the Fallen Survivor

Best Cover Band

Puppet Category:
Best Use of Sugar Bags
Scariest Puppets

Best Animated:
Best Cut Out
Best Use of Explosions
Best Use of Black and White

Thanks again to everyone who entered. If you have time to kill, like say waiting for a DLC to be released on Tuesday – here is the complete list of videos for you to check out.

We’ll keep you updated as the final surprise rolls out.

Once again, here’s the link:

Too many individual blog posts, so here’s the main page where you can easily find all of the updates:

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