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Left 4 Dead News: The Real Week 24, Although Valve Calls It Week 23; And A TF2 Surprise!

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Yes, two Mutation weeks… in one week.

Also, Valve screwed up the numbering. It says 23… when it’s 24.

But you all wanted to see that surprise, right? We even said we have a scoop… well, let’s just say we were wrong.

Left 4 Dead News: The Real Week 24, Although Valve Calls It Week 23; And A TF2 Surprise!

The Sacrifice is here, and with it comes a new wave of Mutations.

This week’s Mutation is… “Taaank!!!”.

In “Taaank!!!”, all playable Special Infected are replaced with Tanks.

You will die, it’s just a question of when.

Survivors get 15 seconds before the Tanks spawn.

All medkits are replaced with pills, and spread all around the maps.

No time to look back, so you’d best be rushing.

No news on the “surprise”.

This week’s poll is “Who will you Sacrifice?”

The choices are simple: Zoey, Louis, Francis or Bill?

It’s kind of a weird poll, but oh well.

I voted Francis cause I play him the most often.

Let us know what you voted.

Next week, we’ve got Hunting Party.

No blog post, but to check out all the info straight from Valve, go to the New Blog Post option in your L4D2 game.

But you want to see that surprise, right?

Turns out anyone buying L4D2 by Thursday, 4 AM PST, will get a lovely frying pan and an “Ellis’s Hat” for good old TF2.

Anyone who already has the game will get these items some time during the next few days.

Here’s the link:

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  1. I’d sacrifice Bill obviously,
    Because if I don’t, there will be a time paradox.

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