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Left 4 Dead 2 News – Week 21, and The Digital Comic’s release date!

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Another week, another mutation!

Left 4 Dead 2 News – Week 21, and The Digital Comic’s release date!

This week’s mutation is a Developer’s Choice, and is a returning mutation.

Follow the Liter is a Mutation I actually enjoyed, but which most people had mixed opinions on.

Valve explains:

Week 3’s Mutation did not win over the crowds, but we think that’s because it was misunderstood. It has a very different feeling than Scavenge and games tend to be much lower scoring. You have to remember, if their can goes up in flames – they have to wait for it to respawn. So get that can on the ground and use the Spitter to light it up!

For the month of September we will continue bringing back previous Mutations and explain why we think you should give them a chance. So if you missed them the first time, give them a chance. It won’t hurt. Probably…

And on the Favorite Survivors Poll… surprise, surprise, look who won!

Favorite Survivors
The PC crowd continues to love Zoey. The polls were pretty much identical except for the top two. xBox 360 users prefer Ellis then Zoey for their top picks. PC users prefer Zoey and then Ellis. Last week Bill (3rd place in this week’s poll) was ranked ahead of Zoey in the 360 poll and behind Zoey in the PC poll. I think PC players are sweet on somebody…


This week’s poll is, what do you first want to see of The Sacrifice? A teaser, a comic, just the campaign, or all of the above? Well, come on, folks, the comic! The first issue’s coming out soon (sooner than you think, as you will see at the end of the article), and after they’re over, comes the teaser, then the mod! Easy plan.

Next week’s Mutation is a Developer’s Choice. Valve also shows off this hilarious little video:

But this ain’t it! Valve’s got a release date for The Sacrifice’s digital comic! The first part will come this Tuesday, September 14th, and will feature Louis. The other three will feature Zoey, Francis and Bill, respectively. We cannot wait!

For all of the juicy details and comic cover art, check out the blog posts!


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