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Left 4 Dead 2: New Community Campaign For Valve’s Servers

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On Thursday? I thought they change these on Friday. One day lost out of two weeks? You should be ashamed, Valve.

Left 4 Dead 2: New Community Campaign For Valve’s Servers

And the new bi-weekly community campaign to be featured on Valve’s official servers is: Detour Ahead!

This 6 map (holy s**t!) campaign offers “Coop and Campaign” gameplay. Correction Valve, those are the exact same thing. I guess they mean Versus, which is great. Campaign AND Versus, highlights being the train bridge and the explosive finale.

Valve also says:

We will have more news in the coming weeks on the DLC including a rockingly brand new contest next week and more news on the comic coming out this September. It’s a good time to be a zombie killer.

Ooh. Nice.

For info on how to install Detour Ahead, and some miscellaneous competitive info, check the official blog post!



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