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L4D: March 11th Mutation Update

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Still old Mutations this week.

L4D: March 11th Mutation Update

We’ve got “Follow the Liter”, a Scavenge Mutation.

Follow the Liter.
Scavenge one can at a time.

No more fighting over what cans to grab first. This Mutation spawns only one group of cans at a time, so survivors know exactly where to go. There is only one problem: the Infected know exactly where they are going. We dare you to give it a try.

Try it out! It is pretty fun.

Last week’s poll asked you what old L4D1 map you’re looking forward to seeing in L4D2.

Here are the results:

Most anticipated L4D1 Map?
Dead Air and its hunter perches leap to the top with 40%, Blood Harvest’s corn fields plow into second place with 22%, Death Toll Church Guy rings in at 19%, Crash Course drove its van into last with 11% and 8% of you have no opinion on how much fun the rest of us are going to be having.

Dead Air is pretty awesome. Stay classy, voters.

And this week’s poll is:

Since this week’s mutation is a play on Scavenge, we are curious. Are you going to play at least one round of Scavenge in the original Left 4 Dead campaigns once they are ported to Left 4 Dead 2?

Well? One little round of Scavenge? Let us know in the comments section.



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