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John Patrick Lowrie says: “Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work”

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John Patrick Lowrie is the voice of the Sniper, Odessa Cubbage, John Slater, all of the male citizens, rebels and refugees from HL2, and he’s also doing voice work for Dota 2. He’s also Ellen McLain’s husband, and he’s got his own Twitter account.

John Patrick Lowrie says: “Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work”

Back on the 2nd, he tweeted this:

Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work.

Obviously, the part about more Portal work is interesting on its own. Seems like the upcoming Portal 2 DLC pack might have a bit of story in it. But the “a new game” part is what really got me interested. Let’s take this opportunity to check out a pair of great interviews done with John and Ellen, by Caboos15. This is the one with Ellen. Interestingly, check out what she says near the end, at 45:10.

But, you know, like I said, I’m an actor. So, I’m always auditioning for stuff, and even for voice work. I did do some voices on a game which will be released, but until it’s released, I can’t say anything about it.

Interesting. Could this be the same new game John spoke about in his tweet? Some believe both of these mentions are in fact, referring to Dota 2. But Dota 2 is a public title, we all know about it. Why would Ellen not talk about it, and why would John not talk about it? We’ve heard nothing of Ellen doing any Dota 2 work, so the odds of this being it are fairly slim. Maybe this really is Half-Life we’re talking about. It’s reasonable to assume Ellen would be returning as the Overwatch Dispatcher. This might just mean that the next HL game isn’t that far away.

In any case, let’s hope we find out what John was talking about soon enough.


  1. Portal 3?

  2. She said she is doing dota 2 work, but like john, she has even gone to describe the characters she’s doing.

    The only thing left is: HALF LIFE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. I do not think this is for halflife3


  4. Exited for more half life stuff!

  5. Awesome. She’s an excellent voice actress, can’t wait to find out more! 😀

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