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Daydream Music Video in Source

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I’m still impressed with what people have accomplished in Hammer. Enormous maps and intricate scripted sequences are common, which makes it even more impressive when something like what Mysfit has put together surfaces on the internet.

Daydream Music Video in Source

He made an entire music video in Hammer. Everything is tightly scripted and choreographed, and the end result is quite impressive. However, it was reported that the singer died 27 times in the making of this film. Thank Breen for modern medicine!

What a Day for a Daydream – The Lovin’ Spoonful


  1. G-man got owned 😀 btw nice job 😀 The end where citadel explode was teh best part for me

  2. Love it when g-man got owned! Great video.

  3. Wow,they must have been praying the singer wouldn’t die on the final take.

  4. Amazing stuff.

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