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Homefront’s Singleplayer Campaign “Inspired By Half-Life”

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Homefront is a shooter being developed by Kaos Studios, who you might know for their rather infamous 2008 game, Frontline: Fuel of War.

Their latest effort is titled “Homefront”, and it takes place in 2027, in an alternate universe in which North Korea managed to somehow absorb most of Asia, and launch an assault on America.

It has been compared to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Mega Modern Combat Supreme, Destroy the Humens, yadda yadda, you get the idea.

But, according to the devs of the game, it has more in common with our beloved Half-Life.

Homefront’s Singleplayer Campaign “Inspired By Half-Life”

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Homefront singleplayer lead Zach Wilson stated:

“Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are definitely the two big influences on the work that we’ve done. A lot of first-person shooters don’t just let you walk through the world and appreciate the world. That’s something that Half-Life 2 does really well.”

And in an interview with CVG, Kaos Studios head Dave Votypka said:

“Half-Life 2 was one of our inspirations for the game, especially when it comes to telling an engaging story and having a deeper world than most shooters.”

Very interesting!

More similarities with HL2 can be found in the theme of the game, as you will frequently see Korean soldiers mistreating helpless citizens, and other disturbing signs of the occupation.

In addition, in the same CVG interview, it is mentioned that:

“We want to take the America you know and show it twisted by the Korean occupation.”

Doesn’t that remind you of anything? “The familiar becomes twisted”? Another theme frequently used in the Half-Life games?

VG247 also did an interview about this a while back. Also remember to check out CVG’s older article. Overall, it’s great to see Kaos taking inspiration from the big guys, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for Homefront.


  1. A shame This studio was brought by the company(I dont remember the name) that brought ID and Bethesha, they where working in a project with the source engine and with not other than Viktor Antonov the Art director of HL2(Maybe its from there their similar setup of this game). I can’t recall the name of the game, I read that article so long ago..

  2. Old “news” is old. Months old.

  3. omg now I can’t wait for this! I hope it lives up to our expectations!

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