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Happy Birthday, Phillip Marlowe!

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Everyone’s favorite… well, he’s done so many things, we can’t name JUST one!

Happy Birthday, Phillip Marlowe!

Yes, Phillip Marlowe, webmaster of PlanetPhillip, mod voice actor, one of the minds behind Podcast 17, the founder of the Beta Tester Collective, and one of the awesome minds behind Combine Road (and that isn’t all, as he’s also done quite a few other projects in the past) is having his 46th birthday today!

Some will call him old. Others will say vintage awesomeness is the best awesomeness.

Happy birthday, Phillip! Keep up the great work!


  1. Have a nice Birthday Phillip!

  2. Happy Birthday Phillip!

  3. Happy B-Day Phillip! Thanks for everything you do for all us losers out there who are forever stuck in the Half Life universe.

  4. Thank you very mucho!

    Many people have called me old, but that’s okay.

    When people call me unimaginative, that’s why I’ll worry.

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