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“Half-Life: Origins”? What Are The Beyond Black Mesa Guys Up To?

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Beyond Black Mesa. Most of us have already seen it. Released in January to mixed reactions, the fanfilm, despite its weak plot and flimsy fiction, featured some terrific production values and some impressive action. We weren’t sure if its creators, Infectious Designer, would ever return to the Half-Life continuum. But what’s this?

“Half-Life: Origins”? What Are The Beyond Black Mesa Guys Up To?

The crew has been releasing some intriguing teaser images. This first one appeared on their Facebook page last month:

Note the name at the top-right corner. “Half-Life: Origins”. This seems to be the name of this new film. The image itself seems to represent some sort of file on Black Mesa, with a newspaper clipping; an image of the Black Mesa perimeter; a security guard; and an unidentified scientist, sporting an identification badge that seems to imply he is Gordon Freeman himself. The newspaper clipping text originates from Wikipedia, in the “Locations of Half-Life” article, the “Black Mesa Research Facility” section.

The second one is now the featured image on both their Facebook page, and their YouTube channel, and appeared earlier this month. No room for misinterpretation here, guys:

Yes, it’s the Freeman. The Opener of the Way. John Freeman’s brother. Henry Freeman’s uncle. Morgan Freeman’s… friend, presumably (Hey, they are both interested in physics). And, of course, Gordon Frohman’s nemesis. I’d say it’s a safe bet that the Freeman will be the protagonist of this “HL: Origins”. It remains to be seen whether they’ll use him well. Still, we’re really liking how the Infectious Designer crew is going back to the cornerstones of the Half-Life fiction for this upcoming film. Great to see they’re listening to the criticism.

So, let’s hope Half-Life: Origins is going to be one hell of a fanfilm!


  1. Honestly, I think that they should make a parody of some sort. That would get these guys some more attention.

  2. Yeah, uh-huh… Still waiting for Black Mesa… and HL3.

  3. Wow, I’m way more excited for this than Beyond Black Mesa.


  5. Freeman tied his tie too long… that’s not canon.

  6. The freeman’s never looked better! Can’t wait to see how this turns out, hopefully it will include even higher production value and a better plot!

  7. Can’t wait to see this! 😀

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