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GMod: New Gestures And The Lua Scripting Awards

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What else has been Garry working on, you ask?

GMod: New Gestures And The Lua Scripting Awards

First off, check these out:

Looks great, doesn’t it? While it’s not “moving mouths”, these new gestures are pretty great!

Two of these (holding ear while voicechatting and breathing) are featured in the newest Garry’s Mod update, which should be going live at some point within the next 24 hours. We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of these in the future.

In this update, Garry’s adding a whole lot of other features, including NPC’s that can fire crossbows! Yes, you heard me right. NPC’s can now fire the crossbow. Also included with this update are numerous bugfixes, as well as some additions to the Trouble in Terrorist Town game mode.

You can find more details on this update here:

In other news (haha always wanted to say that), Constructive News recently posted about the first edition of the Lua Scripting Awards, and that voting has begun for the first category: Greatest Gamemode. Voting for “Awesome Addon” and “Super Scripter” will also begin soon, so stay tuned on their site.

Voting is being done over at Facepunch, but even if you don’t post over there, why not check the threads out? Some of the addons and gamemodes are pretty interesting.


  1. The NPCs can finally shoot crossbows, I waited for that for quite a long time and they seem to shoot pretty precise, I’ve also noticed that NPCs can now shoot RPG’s but with a long delay between each shot (10-20 seconds).

  2. Holy shit, this will come in handy!

  3. Nice, those gesture anims are in the game files since… no idea maybe since the OB gmod came live, I always wondered if they where there for some project or just for the community to make something with them.

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