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The works of Chemical Alia

Digital Artwork to the next level.

There has been a lot of impressive Valve-related art over the years, from the Team Fortress 2 propaganda contest to WillHelmKranz’s works on DeviantArt, and among them, Chemical Alia’s paintings have to be some of the most impressive pieces of fanart we’ve seen. In this community spotlight, editors ThePerson5 and Jeff share and discuss their favourite pieces of Chemical Alia’s artwork, and present an interview with her.

Flamov is Here

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For far too long I have been writing by myself here on LambdaGeneration.

It’s giving me severe mental issues… such as… uhh, ”bad” syndrome.

It’s… well, it’s bad and I have to see a doctor about it.

Flamov is Here

We’re finally bringing in new people!

Everyone give Flamov a warm round of applause, cause he’s our new writer!

You might know him as a regular poster on the Steam Forums, or as the host of the great Steamcast.

I suspect he may in fact be a wizard, but my attempts to find information on that have all failed.

I do however know that he is a master troll, as can be seen from the feature image. Trust me, you cannot out-troll Flamov.

In any case, we hope writing for us doesn’t give Flamov bad syndrome, and we hope he’ll stick around.

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  1. Good to see new people on board! Hope you enjoy it

  2. Flamov… good job!

  3. Hey Sam!

    You took my spot!

    I kid.

    Congrats, man.

  4. Welcome!

  5. Sweet! I hope to see more delicious words on this site.

  6. Welcome aboard!!

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