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We Are The Lambda Generation. LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the video game Half-Life. ( We're basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )

Under Construction!

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Starting from October 23rd, we here at LambdaGeneration will be doing some scheduled construction.

Under Construction!

As you may have experienced,  the site is going through some downtime.

However, do not fear!

We will be back on November 1st, right in time for Halloween and our 3-month anniversary, and we’ll have a Roundup ready to get you back to speed (and us lazy, sleepy staff members) on the latest developments in the Valve world (or something), and some brand new features we won’t talk about right now.

What? You can’t expect us to ruin the surprise! All we can tell you is that around that time, the LambdaGeneration YT channel will finally come online, and that we have some hints towards the update’s nature, right here, in this thread:

Stay patient, folks, and don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world. Don’t be so downtrotten, we haven’t been invaded by the Combine or something.

We’ll be back, and stuff.

In the meantime here is a little teaser of what’s happening:

Full size image:



  2. On-Topic again,
    The teaser looks very promising.

  3. Most commented page ever.

  4. Hey let’s organize a LambdaGeneartion L4D2 event while it’s in downtime 😀

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