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Dota 2 Client Leaked – Including Actual HL2: Episode Three Code!

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A video game leak is never a good thing. But when there’s EP3 code inside it, revealing what weapons we’ll be using, representing the first substantial information we’ve gotten regarding Episode Three since late 2007, can you really call it a bad thing? Well… I suppose you can, but no matter! Read on for more.

Dota 2 Client Leaked – Including Actual HL2: Episode Three Code!

It turns out that a Vietnamese beta tester has leaked Dota 2’s entire game client, as well as all of its files, to the Internet. The leak appears to be playable – but do you really want to risk having your Steam account blocked just so you can play an illegal leak? Besides, you can’t even play online! What’s Dota without online play? Nothing.

In any case, the leak is already being datamined, and people have found some wondrous things – from the placeholders Valve uses for their spell icons, to the one phrase every single Dota hero has in common, all the speech files of all of the heroesevery single backstory of every single hero, a massive pastebin containing just about every caption string in the whole game, a test model for a lovely hat (Dota 2 has hats? What a surprise!), various in-game models, all the way to… some very interesting game code. Let’s take a look at that right now:


Oof! Oh, damn. Be right back!

Okay, got my new underpants on. That’s right – an ice gun, a flamethrower, and some sort of Weaponizer thing, which utilizes concrete, metal, and liquid (according to Portal 2: The Final Hours, the Weaponizer was originally developed within Valve’s 2008 Directed Design Experiments). And the code can’t possibly be that old – Dota 2 only began development in late 2009.

There’s more interesting stuff in the links above – some sort of in-game store featuring bundles, gear, tools and effects, as well as an option to view “new” items. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like micro-transaction. Could Dota 2 have that as well, and does that mean it’ll be a free-to-play title? At this point, does that seem so unlikely?

There’s also some code labelled “sob”, with mentions of “func_nebula”, “sob_server_ship_system” and “sob_flightplan”. Could Valve be working on some sort of entirely new game focusing on space flight and combat? Well, in any case: mysterious!

In any case, you won’t be getting any links to the leak from here, and we strongly advise you not to seek it out. Sure, for Valve it might be great for feedback purposes, but it’s still a loss for them and the dedicated beta testers. Still, I have to admit that this stuff has me quite excited for Dota 2… and, yes, Half-Life 2: Episode Three. A flamethrower! Would you imagine that.


  1. The time has come… maybe…

  2. wow…. nebula? maybe its on ep3 again nebula = xen WoooT

  3. It’s the Crysis 2 effect; People now want Dota 2 even more than before.



  5. It just got real up in here.

  6. Am I the only one who created a new Steam account just to play the leaks?

  7. If you have a hard time looking for the specific Dota 2 sound files, you can go to the blog:

    Easier to keep track of the sounds in Dota 2.

  8. Nice find, however i believe “shitty wizzard” isnt secret message. Just regular dialogue for when Rubbick (Wizzard that can steal your last casted skill) casts his ultimate on you :p

  9. i just got thinking, you know the pictures a while back on the space ships on a wall at valve? what if they have something to do with that SOB thing?

  10. Just looking through Cyborgmatt’s file list… seems there’s some DirectX 11 support in there – rendersystemdx11.dll plus a whole bunch of source code under src/rendersystem.

    I wonder if the beta client can actually use DX11, or if it’s just a work in progress?

  11. ASIA.

  12. Oh what’s that you say, not called Half-Life 3. You’d have to be completely blind to not see that one coming.

  13. That list was put together by myself, you can see the source here:

    As for where these strings are referenced, they’re here: dota 2 betabindota_rel_latest_good.txt it lists all of the files, including everything in that source branch.

    //dota/rel/game/bin/ep3.fgd#1 – branch change 985031 (text)
    //dota/rel/src/game/client/client_ep3.vpc#1 – branch change 985031 (text)

    I uploaded the file for you so you can crawl through it yourself:



  15. dota/staging/src/game/server/ep3/weapon_gauss.cpp Hopefully my favourite weapon of all time is making a comeback without being mounted to the buggy!

  16. Cant wait for its release it will be awesome =)

  17. Oh man that leak is huge! Hope there is going to be a sandbox soon

  18. Shitty wizard!

  19. This is cool! We’re waiting for HL2: EP3 🙂

  20. I hate that Vietnamese beta tester already! >:[
    Now Valve will realize they trusted testers too much and will cut external testing.
    Besides, I don’t know how will Valve go about so much leaked stuff. May be they will postpone the game for a year or two just like they did with HL2??! You know, whatever happens to Valve, one thing it never does is making them release a game earlier.

    • Well, the thing is HL2 wasn’t delayed because of the leak. That’s a very common misconception.

    • The best thing that ever happened to HL2 was the source code being leaked. It made VALVe realize how shit it was so they re did it.

      Unless you’re talking about another leak that I don’t know about, in which case, carry on.

    • Yes, Vic, HL2 wasn’t delayed because of leak. The leaked build was made 4 days before planned release. Valve would never release so bad version.

    • You say that as if Valve firing their current testers would be a bad thing. Remember when Left4Dead was intended to be a co-op survival horror game?

      • I think it’s not about the current testers, it’s about just any external testers. If someone plays the game over the internet, then he might leak it at any moment, especially if he is from some country like Vietnam where US NDA doesn’t make a difference. (I don’t actually know for sure, does it make any difference in Vietnam?)
        Pro players from the International championship couldn’t have leaked the game, they would have lost much more than they could get. But the same is not true for other testers.
        I guess it’s not a big harm when the game is just about to be largely beta-tested. But over whole Valve might become more paranoid about whom and how they give their unreleased games.

  21. i hope this won’t delay episode three any more

    • That would imply that Episode 3 is actually being actively developed, and is “on schedule.” Since the game was slated for release in December 2007, the game is considered to be Vaporware. Valve hasn’t made a reference to Ep 3 since then and has said that the episodic content model is dead.

      Unless Valve actively says something in relation to HL3, you’re better off not even bothering to think about it. Because until there’s an official announcement for a new HL game, the main team is working on something else — which means that there’s very little if any progress actually being accomplished on HL.

      • That’s a very bizarre way to look at things, isn’t it? Until we hear something official, they’re not working on it? That’s some very strange, almost twisted logic. Episode Three, or whatever it is known as now, is being developed by Valve. There’s no reason why Valve wouldn’t do any development on their most highly-awaited title.

      • I like your name.

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