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Artist Creates A Replica of a L4D2 House As An “Art Project”

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Here at LambdaGeneration, we’re all artists. Well… somewhat.

Some of us believe that the use of vacuum cleaners and whatnot can produce music. Wonderful, wonderful music.

Others are actually artists.

But certain artists… well, see for yourself.

Artist Creates A Replica of a L4D2 House As An “Art Project”

Artist Robert Overweg has constructed a house.

As you may notice from the header image, this house appears to be from Left 4 Dead 2.

He tells us:

The virtual World is filled with repeating patterns in the streets, rooftops and walls. A house in the virtual world has no solid volume, the walls seem to be 1 pixel wide, when standing behind most walls they disappear. –Overweg questions to what extent the elements of the virtual world can be translated (back) into the physical world.

This project is not so much a research into the technical aspects of the virtual world but to see to what extent the experience of looking through a 1 pixel house can be copied back into the physical world.

Sadly, Overweg does not appear to know much about the Source Engine, or he wouldn’t be saying that Source Engine walls are “1 pixel wide”, or that when standing behind certain walls, they disappear. He also appears to have confused an average L4D2 house with a L4D2 skybox house. If he originally was looking at a skybox house, then yes, he is entirely correct. While we love Valve and all, they can get quite lazy on their L4D skyboxes.

In any case, it’s an interesting project, and we’re at least glad he picked a Valve game to do it on. He made a short video showing the house in action. Actually, you can’t really say “in action”, since it’s just a house.


  1. Now he should construct Black Mesa or Aperture Science (WITH GLaDOS IN. AND NEUROTOXINS. YAY.).

  2. toolsnodraw texture.

  3. I’m gonna be honest.

    If I saw that thing without knowing it was supposed to be a house from L4D,I wouldn’t have even made the connection.

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