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1187: Episode One Released

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If there’s one thing we all know about Seven Hour War mods, well, more like two things, it’s that they either never get released after like umpteen years in development, or they take an astoundingly long time before they’re released in episodes, episodic distrubtion being perhaps God’s one last gift to humanity.

1187: Episode One Released

The first (at least I think it’s the first) one of these hyped, freshly-out-of-development-hell mods is 1187. This mod takes place during the Portal Storms, in the Netherlands. If there’s one thing we know about Portal Storms-era Netherlands, it’s that… 1187 takes place there.

Featuring 10 chapters, which sounds big but is actually slightly under medium-length, 1187: Episode One features all those quirky little trinkets you’ve come to expect from modern gaming and modding alike, as in ironsights, wacky viewbob, etc.

However, this isn’t as bad as it may sound. 1187 is very enjoyable, and despite some small issues with the ironsights, and some problems with level design, most notably a lack of proper optimization and some weird level design which at one point, has you trapped between two Vortigaunts, with a high damage attack, hell-bent on turning you into dead, it’s still definitely a great mod.

Let’s hope this autumn is as good for mods as I hyped it up to be. I always hype things up, especially Pinky’s mega-mod article.

Anyways, try out 1187. It’s one of the best mods to come out in a while.


  1. You forgot to add:
    Every Seven-Hour-War mod adds ironsights.

  2. “….If there’s one thing we know about Portal Storms-era Netherlands, it’s that… 1187 takes place there…”

    LOL….that was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!! Nice.

  3. Might check this out…

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