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ШЛЬIK’s E3 2002 Mappack for the 2003 Leak

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October 7th will mark the 7th anniversary of the infamous 2003 HL2 leak.

Who would have thought that 7 years after, people are STILL doing great stuff on it!

ШЛЬIK’s E3 2002 Mappack for the 2003 Leak

ШЛЬIK is a mapper who’s been fixing the infamous WC mappack for quite a while.

Today, he’s releasing quite the thing: a full mappack for the leak!

This mappack features the E3 2002 maps, which were found inside the WC mappack. For those who don’t know this stuff, the WC mappack is, as its name implies, a mappack containing 1300 incomplete VMF files. These are maps Valve worked on long before the 2003 leak, released alongside the leak itself. 7 years later, they’re finally released in their original form!

These maps were originally meant to be shown at E3 2002, where HL2 would have been announced.

The showcase was cancelled, however, and HL2 was only announced one year later, at E3 2003.

These demos were, however shown at a backstage presentation for press only at E3 2003, and parts of them can be briefly seen in the well-known E3 2003 trailer.

These maps are: e3_industrial, e3_lab, e3_town, e3_ship, e3_depot, e3_terminal and e3_strider. Sadly, Industrial has no KMFDM soundtrack, which makes Vic a sad boy.

Keep in mind that these will only work with the 2003 leak. There ain’t no tweaks to pull, since these maps do not work on any Source engine ever released officially. You will have to download the leak itself. We won’t post any links to the leak here, as its legal status is still unknown.

Here’s the download link:

And here are some cool gameplay videos:



  1. Darn, I cannot download it anymore. Any mirrors?

  2. Its very interesting how this content was removed from the retail game but can still be seen and welcome for the fans that always love the extras..

    I have seen some interesting things like the architecture its very close to “The Crossing” you can see the influence of Viktor Antonov art-direct wich both games share..

  3. It’s a shame all these excellent looking maps had to be scrapped.

  4. This is Amazing!

  5. Now I’m starting to understand why they made such a big thing out of the leak Russia.

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